What Is Self-Care? Level 10 Life Series

What Is Self-Care And Why Is It Important

What Is Self-Care And Why Is It Important? Self-care is all about caring for yourself. As in, taking time to make sure your own needs are met. Lots of people struggle with consistently engaging in self-care for various reasons-they take care of other people, work demands, pets, community engagements, etc. Let me stop you right there and point out that you will be better in all these areas if you take the time to practice self-care. I say ‘practice’ because[Read more]

Your Relationship with Money

What is your Relationship with Money

Whether we like it or not, money is a part of our everyday lives. You want it, you have it, you spend it, you give it. Money is an ever-flowing energy in our world.  And we all have different thoughts and feelings about money. Our experiences impact the way we think and feel about money. And these are the basis for our relationship with money.     It’s important to understand where our views of money came from. And part of[Read more]

What Makes a Healthy Relationship? BACTERIA

What Makes A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are a constant in our lives. We seek out others for connection, validation, comfort, and love. We strive for relationships. And we often define ourselves by our relationships. Being a spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle becomes a core part of who we are. This can also come from the absence of relationships, such as the “lone wolf” or “chronically single.” But how to you know if it’s a healthy relationship?   Relationships have positive aspects and negative[Read more]

What is A Level 10 Life Assessment?

What Is the Level 10 Life

A Level 10 Life assessment is a personal development tool used to reflect on your current life satisfaction. Doing a Level 10 Life assessment is a great way to get a clear picture of your current development in different areas of your life.  Now there are 2 parts to the Level 10 Life that I will be discussing: the Level 10 Life assessment, and Level 10 Life trackers. The assessment is how you figure out your current ratings of satisfaction[Read more]

Launch Day!

Launch Day Category Graphic

Hello world, and welcome to Michelle Makes Do! I’m so thankful you’ve stopped by to my little corner of the internet.   As you probably guessed, this is my first post to Michelle Makes Do.     When I first set out to start a blog, I came up with a bunch of different topics to write about. It took a long time to get a general theme.   I finally settled on adulting. This includes your self, others, money,[Read more]